Save the UK 10 MILLION pounds – Credit Crunch Tips, Surviving the Credit Crunch, Top Tips for surfing the credit crunch

Cut your home phone bills

BT may seem to behave like a monopoly but it most definitely is not one. If you must use your phone there are scores of cheaper alternatives from cable companies that package your telephone, television and even broadband internet access to low-cost dial-up services that give you access to cheaper calls using your existing BT line.

Other Great Options Include:

  • Sky
  • Cable Virgin Media
  • Skype
  • Tesco Internet Phone

Search the internet to find your best deal and you will be amazed by how much you could save in a year, combine your TV with your phone and internet and soon you will be saying

That’s £100.00 Saved!

Credit Crunch Lunch

In the ever busy world we now live and work it is too easy to lose track of just what you are spending each day on your working lunch, the average office worker spends £1300.00 a year on takeaway sandwiches. If you take your own made lunch you can save a massive £1000.00 a year. That’s a Holiday!

And That’s £1000. Saved

Do you need all those TV channels?

Britain is switching to digital-only television and time is running out for you to choose your new digital TV provider. The choice is already bewildering and with telephone-based services now being launched it’s going to get more complicated. Packages range from full the month, including every sports and movie channel costing around £50 a month, down to Freeview, which is free. Choose wisely.

That’s £250.00 saved