Debt Managemet. Finance Tips Surviving the Credit Crunch, Top Tips for surviving the credit crunch

Now we are going to take a look at your financial situation, we will show what signs to look for and hopefully give you a better understanding of your own position.  

It is important that whether you feel affected or not that you complete this chapter or even if you feel that it’s too late you must still read on as it’s never too late to put things right. The very fact that you are taking the time to read this and by taking the steps we outline will go a long way to relieving the stress and anxiety caused by living with debt and even the prospect of losing your home.  


Even if you are not feeling the pinch of the crunch yet it will still be useful to complete this exercise as it will give you a clear understanding of your financial position and will allow you to strengthen your position further. I would imagine that the majority of people reading this book have already established that they may not be in a very good financial position and are already finding themselves dealing with an ever growing number of unhappy creditors seeking payment, however bad you believe your situation to be at present there is a way forward, once we have established what exactly your situation is we can then guide you top the first steps in dealing with your creditors. Over the following pages we will show you how to complete your very own financial health check.

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Creating disposable income

Managing your creditors