Credit Crunch Wedding Surviving the Credit Crunch, Top Tips for surviving the credit crunch

This page is dedicated to giving you the opportunity of reducing the cost of your big day, but without reducing the quality of your wedding day.  

The Average cost of a wedding in the UK is a staggering £20,000.00. Which is a huge sum of money for anybody to find in the best of times; so here we aim to show you how you can vastly reduce that cost allowing you to spend the money you save on starting your new life together?

We will take through all of the major expenses and even show you how you can get that dream honeymoon without breaking the bank

  Wedding Budget

As with any large expenditure and in fact as with anything we do on Surviving the Credit Crunch the first place to start is by setting up your budget, in this section we will give you a plan as well as suggesting ways for you to save cash. Starting to think about your wedding budget is a confusing and at first, daunting task. From favours to dresses, flowers to photography, every single thing you spend counts towards your budget. Therefore it’s important that you start properly and continue in that manner.

Think about how you want your wedding to look and feel, sit down and talk it over with your partner and write down your thoughts, involve your family too but remember it’s your day not theirs. Once you have outlined how you want things to feel you can begin. Buy yourself a file and or book in which to keep all your ideas and keep a diary too so you know when things should be happening.

Work out exactly how much you have to spend, if you are lucky enough to have help from parents great, take everything into account. Do not be tempted to top up your wedding fund with loans or credit card debt. Next open up a wedding fund savings account with your bank, you may as well earn interest.

Next Set the number of guests you would like at your wedding, you need to be ruthless on this one as this is one of your biggest costs, don’t feel obliged to invite everyone to your big day.

Venue and reception

Decide whether you want a church or civil ceremony wedding. The Reception is one of the highest costs within your budget; it can be difficult finding the perfect reception that fits your style and Budget. As the reception says a lot about the style of your wedding and with so many options available it can be quite bewildering. Whether it’s an all inclusive hotel package, tying the knot abroad or even a marquee in you back garden this can still add up to around £10,000 there are cheaper alternatives which will give your wedding a twist like hiring out a town or village hall, the local social club, a large room above or in a pub your local art gallery ask the local farmer if he has a barn to hire out or a piece of land these can all be hired for a much lower cost and can be made to look just as nice. There are lots of different ways to make your day special without exceeding you budget. Below are some use full sites.

  Wedding Dresses


Whatever your style is this could take a huge chunk out of your budget the average dress costs £1000 or you could look to hire from as little as £200 you will just need to know where to look, from the high street to the internet even if you have found you ideal dress in a shop be sure to shop about to get the best deal and not fall into additional retail traps. When you have found the dress check the price is in budget then be sure to ask the questions of what that includes.

For example delivery of item and any alterations. There are some massive bargains out there to be had you just need to know where to look. Check out the internet Have in mind what style you would like and size if you just browse you may miss out.



There are lots of sites selling second hand dresses where you can pick up a worn once dress at a fantastic price. A lot of designers will have warehouse sales to sell off old stock but be prepared there will be a lot of brides to be around trying to get that bargain! See if anyone is able to make your dress copy a style you have seen and get the look for a lot less. Even try eBay we have all heard of those wedding dresses selling for 5p even with alterations still a massive bargain and if it’s no good put it back on for a hire start price and you’ve made a profit. Just remember the man you are marrying will think you look stunning no matter what the cost, as it’s who’s in the dress that matters. Some more helpful sites are:


Ask yourself if spending thousands on rings is worthwhile. You can pick up a simple plain band for under £100 if you want something different why not personalize it with something that means something to you both by getting it engraved. Could also ask family members about any heirlooms to be passed down with a slight cost to adjust.



Wedding decorations set the tone for your wedding but is easy to overspend probably best to remember in this case less is more. First check with the chosen venue if there’s anything they don’t allow as some won’t allow candles or confetti being thrown so best not to waste money. Also check what is included in any package you get, a list off the venue would be a massive help to stop doubling up on items. Then shop about wedding fairs are a good place to get ideas as they are free entrance and you will see things laid out take pictures of them any free broachers given away take all home to keep in mind what you saw.  Remember a wedding magazine is full of information but can set you back £4 a time.



Great ways to decorate your wedding is candles these can be picked up for a matter of pence at places like IKEA all different sizes are available. as a centre piece all different sized candles in the middle with colored beads round the base can look expensive tea lights also look very nice scattered around inside and out and again can be bought in bags of 100’s for a couple of pounds. Flowers can be very expensive do you know anyone who grows flowers in there garden? This would both be in season flowers and also free who could say no to a bride? Rose petals can be used as a table decoration can also be bought in paper form to keep the cost down. Remember again less is more use big flowers and have just the head in a bowl of water maybe add colored stones, if you live near the beach use sea shells cleaned up can look lovely. Trees are a favorite at weddings why not make it different use old twigs out of the garden or from a field spray them and drape fairly lights on them. Ideas with fabric use cotton sheets instead of table cloths Tie satin or organza ribbon around vases or on the back of seats to add detail this can be done to your colour scheme.

When it comes to table decoration there are hundreds of things out there just remember you already have a lot of things on the table place cards menus cutlery favors also all your guests so just think will you decorations stand out? Depending on the theme you could have some party poppers in the middle or just sprinkle so glitter confetti around this looks lovely when it catches the light. here is one site to have a look at  Balloons are a good way to make impact at a wedding but companies can charge a lot for it why not give it a go yourself all you need is the balloons and a helium canister and check out gives you tips how to get the look for less also deals on helium at . Aalways shop around for items check the internet and try and buy in bulk always works out cheaper.

  Wedding Cakes

Professional wedding cakes start from about £250 this needn’t be this expensive, could you or do you know anyone who could make it for you? You could copy a design you have seen at a wedding fair on the internet? Maybe ask for it to be done as a wedding present. The trend at the moment is small cup cakes decorate to your own theme on a cake stand who would no? Decide what you want another trendy cake now is chocolate or cheese this is a cheaper alternative to fruit! Not for everyone but it’s your wedding have what you want. Books can be bought to help you bake and decorate cakes to a high standard; all you really need is the time and patience for this.


You can pick up fantastic wedding cakes on the high street from M&S and Waitrose prices do start from around £150. They come in 3 types of cake sponge chocolate and fruit the price includes 3 tiers additional tiers can be added. Tradition is to have the top tier as a fruit cake to freeze for a baby’s christening this would again save you money at that time as well.  Again shop about and always worth advising you have a budget of £.. To see if can lower the price.



Traditionally favors are sugar almonds in bags or boxes. You can have anything you want this is your way of saying thanks for attending so add your touch to it. Remember though have you been to a wedding and seen all the favors left on the table at the end of the night? Generally women keep them as sentimental things so maybe just give out to all the women attending this will cut the cost in half. There are so many things to list to use as favors to name some would be sweets, candles or photo frames. Check out pound shops and the internet. Chocolate is always good as people will probably eat them before they go home you can wrap them and add your personal message.



There is no wrong answer when it comes to favors so if you have a wedding theme you may look for something to go with that, for example a casino wedding a deck of cards, chips or dice. Another idea is a bag of seeds for your guests to plant and grow there really is so many things you can do.



If you do go for a professional photographer be sure to shop about ask what their cost includes as the prints are sometimes not in the package, see exactly what you get for your money even try and knock them down a bit say you have had a cheaper quote somewhere else, everyone will be trying to get as much business as possible at the moment during this credit crunch so trying to haggle with them won’t do you any harm. another option do you have a family member or friend who could take the pictures for you?, you can get pictures blown up and put in black and white these days quite easily so if you know someone why not ask again could be as a wedding present.



Get everyone to email you all their pictures over so you can see what other people have taken and top up your collection for free give out blank DVD disks at the wedding and ask people to add the picture on to the disk and send back, you can pick these up from Tesco for a few pound. Cameras on tables are a fun thing to have but be aware can sometimes be a high cost for what you get actually get back from the pictures, mostly pictures taken when a few too many drinks been had so after buying the cameras and processing you may be disappointed.. Ask the local college or university if they have students willing to do the pictures as part of cause work I know from experience they will do it simply for some food at the wedding. Of Corse these pictures are what you’re going to look at for the rest of your lives but don’t mean you have to spend a fortune.



Depending on where your reception is will depend what you can do catering wise. If you’re doing it outside a hotel then you could think about doing the food yourselves, buffet’s always go down well at parties and there is always something there everyone likes, sandwich shops offer a service of platters of sandwiches cakes and all sorts of bits and pieces if it’s a summer wedding have a BBQ dinner on the lawn, or make some picnic baskets up and have a breakfast picnic.


Or get everyone to make a dish that is coming to the wedding more and more brides are deciding to cater their own wedding these days it’s a way to keep costs to a minimum. Even if you go for a hotel package ask about the different wedding breakfasts available do they do a buffet? This will work out a lot cheaper than a 3 course meal, find out what is including in the set price per head make sure you ask the question about kids meals you don’t want to be spending a fortune on this as let’s be honest they will probably not eat most of it. Even with this don’t be fooled thinking you have to use their catering staff look around can you find an outside caterer cheaper? They may not be able to have use of the kitchens at the hotel but a good catering company will know how to get round these obstacles. Again you could contact the local catering college university to prepare you food even if they are unable to do this you may be able to get some cheap waiting staff. Alcohol can be another major budget problem hotel packages can be a minimum of about £30 per head, maybe look in to providing your own drinks take a trip over the channel and get bring all you need back this will cost you a lot less, just remember if you are taking your own drinks into a hotel they may charge you corkage. This may seem a good idea and very generous but a free bar can quickly add up family and friends will understand that you have spent a lot already on the day and shouldn’t expect this so cut it out of the budget. Remember this is your wedding do what you want to do make it a wedding no one will forget and you really don’t have to spend a fortune to do that.


When it comes to bridesmaids it’s a hard decision to chose who you have remember you don’t have to ask all your friends and family they will be happy just being there on your day. It’s up to you how many you have; there are some lovely dresses out there to get without spending a lot of your budget. It’s not unusual these days for the bridesmaids to buy or hire their own dress and shoes so look for something that they will be able to wear again. There are lots of websites selling cheaper dresses and again check out eBay. Wedding dress shops will sell off their dresses as well so pop in and have a look. Depending what time of year it is most retail shops have seasonal sales so if you see it in a shop check it out at sale time always use the internet at sale time as more sizes may be available and you may be able to get free delivery over a certain amount. You can leave bridesmaids dresses till nearer to the time when you have finally decided on you colour theme so you don’t waste time and money.

  Hair and Makeup

This doesn’t have to cost a great deal can a family member or friends do it? There are a lot of products and utensils out there to get a great look yourself remember practice makes perfect have a few girly nights in with a bottle of wine checking out styles. Again ask local college university for beauty students they may be able to work this into the coursework and just offer them a small amount and a few drinks. If you want to go to a professional again shop about, if you have the same hairdresser all the time ask if she could do a deal for the whole wedding party remember this does take a lot of time out your day so practice sessions are a good idea but again check out cost could you get it in for the price on the day?.




Flowers are a play a big part in the wedding from the bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids the button holes and of course the decoration in the ceremony room and the reception. It is fairly easy to keep the cost down on this, think about how many flowers you actually need after the wedding what are you going to do with them? Again less is more. Try and look into doing the flowers yourself check with you local florist which flowers are or will be in season as these will work out cheaper also which will stay fresh and colorful while being out of water all day, florists should give free advise on this.



When it comes to buying flowers try and get to a flower market or wholesale from the florist, chose simple ideas if using flowers on the table try not to use tall arrangements as your guests will spend all the time leaning round to talk to people. Big glass vases with Carla lilies always looks stunning as said previously ribbon can be added to vases to decorate. There are hundreds of things to do with flowers steel ideas again from the web sites take pictures at wedding fairs. You could even look at using silk flowers this would be cheaper and you could get further use out of them. Again there are books around on flower arranging think how proud you will be of yourself when everyone is commenting on them.

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Wedding invites are one of the first things you will start thinking about after setting the date. Ok well professional printed invites can cost up to £1000 luckily I was sitting down when I saw this there are so many cheaper ways to do this. There are packs of invites in high street card shops printed you just have to add your guests details and wedding details they have a selection of nice designs, even if you didn’t want to have these as your day invites why not use for the evening guests? Make your own there are computer packages out there to help you do this. Again have a look round the internet and steal ideas from experience my sister got married last September she took an idea from a magazine and instead of paying £1200 she paid about £250 for all the stationary for the whole wedding. A nice idea at the moment is to have a card with a picture of you and your fiancée on either from a special place or just a picture you love or if you a dab hand with Photoshop play around with some photos of yourselves you can do wonders with this again if you don’t have access to this or are unsure ask friends or family someone should be able to help you get started its great fun. This will just cost you the card and copies of the photo. Or get a drawing done of yourselves either a serious or a joking one there are street artists who will draw you for a few pound take this to a printers can change the size and make it into cards. With invites it’s more the design you are paying for and delivery can be quite expensive so why not try yourself. With Thank-you cards just pick a favorite wedding picture and send that on a card then the person receiving it will be able to use that in a frame let’s face it who keeps invites and thank-you cards for long where as this way would last forever. You will also need envelopes white plain are cheaper just make sure you take a copy of the invite with you when buying to make sure you get the correct size.

Weddings can be a very stressful time and especially during the credit crunch it seems impossible to get everything done the way you want too. This is just to show that things can be done and keep to your budget and have some fun with it after all your only going to do it once.




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