Marketing tips: Promoting oral health in your dental practice

marketing oral health

Marketing oral health and increasing your sales

As a dental practice, you are not just a dentist. People are putting their health in your hands, so you need to build trust and relationships, and promote your services in the right way.

5 ways to promote oral health in your practice and marketing strategy:

1.healthier food and drink choices

Diet is just as important as oral health for the strength of your teeth. Promoting healthy eating will enable your patients to take a complete approach to their oral health, by being encouraged to make healthy changes.

2. Improve levels of oral hygiene

A good way of marketing oral hygiene is by selling products such as toothbrushes, floss, and other dental products for all ages at your practice.

Many dentists will do partnerships with Oral-B or Colgate for example.

You can also encourage oral health by your visual marketing, for example on your practice walls, but also in your email or letter marketing too.


As well as encouraging content about oral health, it is also important to keep your customers coming to your dental practice.

Need poster content ideas? 

More shocking figures about gum disease for example will help promote the need for regular visits, which will give your practice the boost it needs.

The key to marketing is variety- this will keep patients engaged and willing to receive fresh content.


These are only some ideas about how to market within your dental practice. Marketing your business, and maintaining its popularity takes a vast amount of work and experience.

Working with a dental marketing coach will help you get the results you want. Want to know more? 

5. Reduce inequalities in oral health 

It can be a really good business venture to partner with charities – for example, those who specialise in helping third world countries – to show your dedication to helping anyone achieve oral hygiene.

Read more about how BUPA are partnering with charities.

You may also think of providing free samples – small samples of mouthwash, toothpaste, or a toothbrush replacement system for children, where they can get a free replacement toothbrush once their current one wears out.

Other marketing pushes like sales, giveaways or competitions can help boost oral health mentality as well as drive sales to your practice.

More content and social media ideas.

Ensure that any of these options are economically viable for your dental practice, but try and make oral health and your core values relating to oral health, as inclusive and universal as possible.

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