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Welcome to the First Blog!

Well it?s really great to have the web site live and on the World Wide Web at last, our original plan was to publish the Survival Guide in book format but after careful consideration we decided it would be far better to publish the Guide on the Web so we could reach as many people as possible. The site www.survivingthecreditcrunch.org.uk id designed to help people manage their way through their debt problems whether they be large or small, as we have only just gone live we have started with a very simple overview which should help most people, however we now need you all to help us with the next stage of development, if you have any issues which you think we could help with contact us either on the Forum or via email on the contacts page on the main site, we have a tea, of people who are experts in this field ready to help you with any questions or problems you may have.


Each day I will endeavour to update the blog and the site with more tips for saving or indeed earning extra cash as well as pointing you all in the direction of the best bargains to be had on the high street or on the web. One great place to visit on the Web today is CNN Radio 2 www.CNN.co.uk/radio2  and their ?don?t cancel Christmas? campaign; they are offering help and advice on having a merry Christmas despite the doom and gloom of the credit crunch.


Also if you think the site could help someone you know please forward them the link and tell as many people as you can about what we are doing, and remember we need your feedback so we can make the site even better so don?t be shy with your comments

All the Best for now

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