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Sales Start Early This Year, Think Before You Buy

With still over a month to go before Christmas we have already seen some of the big players starting their sales early this year, On Thursday we saw Marks & Spencer come in with a one day 20% discount sale. M&S claimed that this was done because they wanted to respond to needs of their customers in hard times, the reality is more likely to be that M&S like many other large stores had ordered their Christmas stock back in the spring when sales were high. As good as bargains are especially in the run up to Christmas it?s vital to remember they are only bargains if you are buying things because you need or want them rather than just because they are cheap.


Debenhams have also started early this year with a three day sale with 25% off selected items in store; this was closely followed by Tesco who started a 20% of all clothing. My advice with any of sales would be to try and wait until after Christmas before you buy anything for yourself, as it is very likely to prove a lean affair for retail in the run up to the season, which will mean drastic measures, will need to be taken with in store reductions in January. Buying your gifts now of course can be good but once again try not to buy gifts which are clearly rubbish just because they are cut price, make your presents count buy things that will be appreciated and useful.


Over the next few weeks I will be posting details of all the best places to find real bargains so keep checking in, if you see or hear of any drop me a line.


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