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Get Rich Quick The Big Lottery Experiment

Is gambling on the lottery or horses any worse than gambling with your money on the stock exchange? We are looking for 100 people who spend £2.00 a week on the National lottery to join us in an experiment to find out who is getting rich quicker and safer. We will take those 100 people with their annual lottery budget of £100.00 and pool together giving us £10,000.00 to invest in some less than conventional schemes.

In today?s world where everything is upside down and back to front it?s hard to know where to put your money for the best, 12 months ago I would never off dreamed off advising people to invest in the lottery on a large scale let alone the horses. But what if we join together to form the country?s largest syndicate in an effort to drastically reduce the odds? I am looking for 100 brave people to join me in tackling the odds to see if this upside down world can deliver some surprising results.

Over a seven day period we will split the 100 volunteers into two groups; each group will have an investment fund totalling £5000.00. Whatever money is left or gained at the end of the experiment will be split across all 100 team players. Our two groups will be split as follows:

Group One

The Lottery Syndicate

The first group will purchase 5000 lucky dip national Lottery tickets and sit back and wait for the results.

Chances of Winning for Each Ticket are:

Jackpot (matching all six of the numbers) – 1 in 14 million

Five plus the Bonus Ball – 1 in 2.3 million

Five – 1 in 55,000

Four – 1 in 1000

Three ? 1 in 57

With 5000 tickets the odds drop to 1 in 2800 to win the Big one..

It?s fair to say that we won?t hit the big time but the stats suggest we should have a win of some sorts, but will it be enough to get our money back plus some?





Group Two

A Day at the Races

Group two will spend a day at the races with a racing expert and pick five horses, on each of which a bet of £1000.00 will be placed. With at least two of the horses having long odds to win; our expert will be there to advice but the group will decide which horses are chosen.


If you are interested in joining our experiment and don?t mind the possibility of appearing on national television? Please register your interest online at the bottom of the page, before you register please consider the following points:


  • Only participate if you can afford to lose £100.00.
  • This is a high risk experiment with very little chance of making you any money.
  • We do not want your money now; a trust account controlled by a third party will be used once enough interest has been generated.
  • You may receive media attention, so smile.
  • All volunteers must be aged 21 or over and in good financial health.
  • You would have to be off your head to take part.
  • You may have to be in close proximity to horses and small men in bright coloured shirts and tight trousers.
  • You have to be in to win it.
  • If you are in it you may lose it.
  • Gambling is not a good way to make money.


This will be the first step towards a much larger experiment which will involve over 1 million people buying all possible 14 million lottery combinations; guaranteeing a jackpot win! With the winnings going to charity?s of the syndicates choice, Breaking two world records in one hit and putting money where its needed most in this time of recession. Early indications are that as well as Cancer and Children?s charities receiving cash, a donation to a debt charity helping those affected by the Credit Crunch would be popular. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a real feel god factor event making a difference to those who need it most.

Please register your interest to join our experiment with some brief details on the new page; we will be in touch to advise all interested parties what the next step will be once we have 100 suitable volunteers. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY NOW.

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