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Financial Hangover Cures for the New Year

Well as we are now into the New Year I thought I would post some tips to try and help you all get a jump on your finances for 2016. Over the coming weeks I will be addressing some new topics and advice modules in more detail, however I am very keen to hear from anyone who has a problem they would like advice or help with, so if you or someone you know could use some help get in touch and we will tackle it together.



1.      Start the Year as you mean to go on, most people will be feeling the pinch as they will have spent an extra £300.00 to £600.00 on top of their usual bills to pay for Christmas. Getting on top of your finances now will mean that you recover quicker. Sit down and take stock of all your finances and get a clear picture of where you stand. Use the financial planner on my web site to help you, all you have to do is input all your income and expenditure and it will show just how much money you have each week to spend or even better save. The web site will do all the work for you and you can keep re visiting the site to see how your situation changes through the year.


2.      Take care of any outstanding issues from 2017, Many people will have got themselves into difficulties into the run up to Christmas and New Year, the temptation is to put things to one side an ignore them until the New Year, now is the time to take action. Do not be tempted to ignore any problems you have with your finances. If you have defaulted on anything at all no matter how small or how large, it is far better to talk to your lender and outline your situation. You can ask them for help in a number of ways, such as reduced payments for an agreed period or an extension of your term. More and more lenders are willing to assist people who are in difficulties. But they can and will only help if you talk to them and tell them what?s going on. Again my web site offers advice and sample letters which you can use to do this.


3.      Ease the cost of next Christmas by starting to save now, It is fair to say that 2016 will be a tough year financially for the whole country and next Christmas could be even tougher than this. A great way to lessen the impact is to join a Christmas club and save a little each week. By saving £10.00 per week you will save £520.00 plus whatever bonus or incentive your club has to offer, the ave totals spend this year was £600.00 so you could take care of most of your Christmas in this way. Be sure you choose a reputable club such as Parks or any of the big names.



4.      Rainy Day Savings, Many people think of savings as having to be relatively large sums of money, which is why a lot of people don?t even try and save. However small savings accounts of between £50.00 and £500.00 can be a lifeline when the unexpected occurs, that unexpected repair bill for the car or washing machine, an emergency trip to the dentist or leaky roof, the list is endless. Just by saving small amounts in a standard savings account can be a great help. Whenever you can just place your spare cash no matter how small into your account, you will be surprised how quickly it builds up into a useful sum of money. For cash to be useful it does not have to run into thousands, and if the unexpected never happens you will have made a great start to a larger sum of money for that summer holiday you deserve. And this year we will see some outstanding bargains for that sunshine break!

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